Wayne and Terri are excited God has guided their steps to Armed Forces Baptist Missions. They are currently sharing and exemplifying the love of Jesus through their ministry to service members at FT Bragg, NC. As a retired Army Chaplain, Wayne ministers to those with Post Traumatic Stress including those on Active Duty, veterans and their families, relating from personal experience on how to persevere through Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Terri assists in the office as well as being a mom to their children, Nathan and Ashley.


Wayne was saved at age fourteen in his hometown of South Lyon, MI. After church one Sunday morning in June 1974, a church worker showed him the way of salvation from the Bible and he asked Christ to save him from his sin and come into his life. About two years later, he was Scripturally baptized. He entered the military at age eighteen and served three years. Four years later, he re-entered the military and in Germany while on guard duty, he sensed God wanted him in full-time service for Him. He attended college, and after graduation from seminary, he was commissioned as a Chaplain in the Army. He retired after twenty-three years in July 2012. In September of the same year, he was accepted with Armed Forces Baptist Mission to help the Spiritually Wounded with PTSD find Christ.


Terri was raised in the Church of Christ. Although she was baptized, she did not realize that being in church did not make her a Christian. When she met Wayne in 1980, He began to explain to her that one cannot earn or lose one’s own salvation. In 1988, while stationed in Germany the Holy Spirit began to work on Terri’s heart. Her pastor preached more than once about how a person can be teaching Sunday school, doing the Lord’s work, etc. and still be lost. This thought began to bother Terri. One night after Terri watched a Christian movie, the Holy Spirit convicted her heart that she had not asked Jesus to truly be her Lord and Savior. So that night, she accepted Jesus as her personal Savior. She now is certain that she is saved and on her way to heaven, and is equipped to share with others how they can know too.


• Raised in South Lyon, MI
• B.S. Bible and History
• M.A. Bible Studies
• Retired with Rank of Major, US Army


• Born in Salinas, CA
• AA in Sign Language
• B.S in Psychology
• Enjoys reading and cooking


God calls AFBM missionaries to serve in unique ways around the globe. Maybe He is calling you to have a special role in Wayne and Terri’s ministry at Ft. Bragg. Please pray about partnering with them through prayer and/or financial support.



PTSD Group Leader and Trainer

Reaching all Branches of the Military and Veterans

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