December 2022 Armor Bearer

Dear Faithful Prayer Warriors and Supporters,

Serving as a British missionary to China, C.T. Studd is credited with these words in a poem, “Only one life, ’twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last.”

Perhaps like me, you feel that with a blink of your eyes, the end of 2022 is here. We know that God richly supplies us with so many resources in our times of need and they can differ greatly from one person to the next. But there is a resource from God that is constant for all of us. He never gives any of us more than 24 hours in a day.

How much lasting work did God allow you to be a part of in 2022? I hope you can reflect on 2022 with a measure of encouragement because of what God did in and through your life and ministry as you sought to wisely redeem your time. As you encourage yourself with those thoughts, allow me to offer you more encouragement. As you prayed for and supported AFBM, be assured that your commitment yielded an eternal impact through AFBM military ministries worldwide. You have spiritual fruit abounding to your account because of your sacrifices.

Join me as I reflect with you, our partners, on some of what God did in and through Armed Forces Baptist Missions in 2022 and be ready to rejoice with us.

New ministries. 2022 saw the arrival of Scott and Tammy McCain at Faith Baptist Church in England. They have worked tirelessly to canvass their area and have started a children’s ministry that is impacting lives. They have seen souls saved. Jon and Tina Gorman began a new church outside the US Air Force Academy in Colorado. They also have walked many miles sharing Gospel literature in Colorado Springs and God has given them a great core of believers in Ridgeview Baptist Church. Drew and Lela Mahaney are preparing to start a Servicemen’s Center as a ministry of Charity Baptist Church outside Fort Hood Texas. They are already seeing new military families at their home church and we know God wants to do even more in 2023. Remember that you prayed and you gave. You had a part in God’s marvelous works so rejoice with us!

Continued faithful ministry. This year steadfast AFBM missionaries labored tirelessly in Italy and South Korea, California and New Jersey, Illinois and Texas, and in many other places in between. Because of their ministry efforts in 2022, we will meet soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and family members in heaven because God gave an increase to each missionary’s faithful Gospel seed sowing and watering. Remember that you prayed and you gave. You had a part in God’s marvelous works so rejoice with us!

New laborers. We welcomed Chuck and Susan Callahan to the AFBM Missionary family this year. Spending more than 20 years in the Army followed by another 20 years of military missionary service, they are helping us reach more service members and their families with God’s Good News. In the past, I have asked you to pray for more labors in the military mission field and God has answered your prayers. Thank you! Once again, please remember that you prayed and you gave. You had a part in God’s marvelous works so rejoice with us!

Let’s look to God together in 2023 as we expect Him to continue doing great lasting works in and through the ministries of AFBM. And be sure to rejoice with us along the way as we witness His mighty hand at work.

On behalf of your grateful AFBM Missionary family, Kevin Brown