June 2023 Armor Bearer

Dear Faithful Prayer Warriors and Supporters,

I realize some of you reading this letter may be newer partners with AFBM while others have spent decades praying for and supporting the important work that our missionary family and Home Office undertake, day after day, month after month, and year after year. Countless thousands will be in eternity because our labors are never in vain in the Lord! I hope you are excited to be a part of something so impacting.

AFBM reaches an important milestone next year as it celebrates its 60th anniversary. Whether you think 60 sounds old, or you believe 60 is the “new 40”, God has been faithful in calling servants and blessing their ministry efforts all those years. Our longest serving missionary, now a widow, joined AFBM with her husband in 1973. We give God thanks for Martha Little who, after 50 years, still carries a burden for the lost.

While God is at work in many AFBM ministries, I want to use this letter to focus your prayers on 3 specific needs:

1. Please pray for the Drew Mahaney family, AFBM Missionaries near Fort Cavazos, Texas (formerly Fort Hood). Called to open a Servicemen’s Center as a ministry of a local church, Brother Mahaney and others are laboring tirelessly with renovations to a building that will serve that important purpose. Pray for God to provide the funding and resources they need and to help them to finish the construction work this summer. Also, ask God to bring in many young men and women. His wife, Lela, also needs your prayers. She needs for God to restore her strength after recent health issues.

2. Please pray for the Scott McCain family, AFBM Missionaries near Lakenheath and Mildenhall in England. Serving faithfully at Faith Baptist Church since their arrival on the field 18 months ago, the McCains recently learned of changes to immigration laws that affect sponsorship of missionaries in that country. These changes could impact their ability to remain on that mission field long-term. Thankfully, they have been able to submit an appeal and now await the results. Would you pray with us that God would give them good favor with authorities so they can continue to work there? We believe the need of the Gospel there is still great, and we trust God to direct the hearts of authorities for His purposes.

3. Please pray for the Windnagle family. They joined AFBM in March, and I was able to complete initial deputation training with them in April. Spiritually encouraged and strengthened many years ago at Haven Baptist Church, a military ministry outside Kunsan Air Force Base in South Korea, they witnessed firsthand the spiritual needs of airmen serving overseas. Now they have answered the call to carry God’s truth to them. Please ask God to give them direction as they prepare for and begin deputation. Also, ask God to bring in their needed support so they can get on the mission field in South Korea. Perhaps God would lead you to have them present their ministry in your church, or another good church you know of? Please contact me if you would like to learn more about them.

At AFBM, we know churches have so many choices of missionaries and ministries worldwide. Thank you for choosing to enter into the military harvest field with us. Military base names may be changing right now, but the need to present our servicemembers and their families with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is unchanging. You are an important part of our ministry team, and we thank God for you!

As always, contact us at AFBM if God is stirring your heart or the heart of someone you know about being more involved personally in getting the Gospel to our military servicemembers worldwide. The fields are white unto harvest!

On behalf of your grateful AFBM Missionary family, Kevin Brown