February 2017 – The Armor Bearer

Thank you for overwhelming us with your continued support and faithful prayers for AFBM and our missionaries. It is a great privilege and honor serving the Lord with each of you.

The Wounded Spirits PTSD aspect of our ministry is going very well. The Lord opened doors that only He could open.  Last year we trained over a thousand people in 15 locations.  We assisted and helped churches reach people with PTSD by training counselors, teachers and those with PTSD. We taught college courses at two Bible colleges online and briefed staff at three VA hospitals.

Last week we conducted our Annual Wounded Spirits PTSD Developer’s/Group Leader’s Workshop (Biblical Answers to the Effects of PTSD) at Southland Christian Camp in Ringgold, LA.  Our objective was to outline relevant and practical Biblical training for our PTSD training lessons used at camps and workshops throughout 2017.  By the Lord’s grace, we will preach/teach at twenty camps and workshops throughout the world this year.  We prayerfully decided to Biblically train on the following subjects: help for spousal abusers, how to recover from abuse, Bible answers to alcohol and drug abuse, victory over sexual abuse, giving the Lord suicidal tendencies, answers to depression & worthlessness, making Bible memories, family healing and trust restoration, dealing with unfaithfulness, trusting the Lord through terminal illness, how to start a Veteran’s group, and electronic advertising for churches. (Below is a picture of our small group of leaders/developers at Southland Christian Camp).

Thank you again for your prayers and support. Feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do for you.

On behalf of our AFBM Family,

Doug Carragher