July 2015 – The Armor Bearer

Thank you for your faithful support and prayers. You are an example of Christ’s love to us and we honor your faith.

In our last prayer letter we spoke of the necessity for a church at Camp Casey, South Korea. Since that letter the government has closed the Department of Defense Dependent Schools, daycare centers and began sending dependents home. Also, they have started a shift of personnel south to three different camps with the lion’s share falling squarely at Camp Carroll located in Waegwon, South Korea. Fortunately, we have a church at Camp Carroll and are prayerfully prepared and awaiting the troops arrival. Ultimately, Camp Casey is returning to the pre-Eighties draw down with only a couple battalions keeping the lights on and mostly confined to base.   By fall there will be no need for a church.

Undoubtedly, the threats from Kim Jong Un about sending bio warfare through the air into the area mixed with the peace negotiations have brought about the change. Some residents in the area are posting signs for the Americans to go home. In many cases they will not even rent to Americans anymore. On top of this, South Korea is dealing with an outbreak of the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). This syndrome was passed from camel’s blood to men in the Middle East and found its way into the South Korea. Of course, Kim Jong Un is taking credit for the spread of the disease and claims to have a cure. As of the writing of this prayer letter many Koreans are very fearful and are wearing facemasks when out in public. Please pray for our missionaries, heroes and the wonderful people of South Korea.   People are dying and need the Lord.

During the first week of June we held our annual AFBM Candidate School. It was a privilege to work with five God-called motivated families in various stages of deputation. I would like to take an opportunity to introduce you to each:

Jon and Elizabeth Schrock along with their children are called of God to plant an independent Baptist Church to reach the selfless warriors of Fairchild Air Force Base (AFB) in Spokane, WA. Jon’s intense passion for Church planting is evident to those who know him. His God-called burden is an obvious result of God working in his life during his military and police service. The valiant warriors of Fairchild AFB are flying around-the-clock flights defending our Country’s freedoms and the Schrock’s yearn to spread God’s Word to this needy base. Currently there is no Bible believing Church actively reaching our Nation’s Heroes at Fairchild AFB. (Just starting deputation)

Jim and Robin Lewis and their teenager daughters have been called to minister to our wounded warriors and their families suffering from PTSD – heroes with scars that cannot be seen. The highest priority for the Lewis’ is to win these heroes and their families to the Lord. They will work with both active duty and retired members diagnosed with PTSD. This includes soldiers in prisons and VA hospitals. The Lewis’ will also work with local churches training church members as PTSD counselors and establishing PTSD support groups. Additionally, Dr. Lewis is in the process of writing a curriculum for use by both counselors and individuals diagnosed with PTSD. (Just starting deputation)

Drew and Lela Mahaney along with their children, are called by God as missionaries to the military in South Korea. God called them to serve outside Camp Carroll, South Korea. Drew grew up in a Christian military home. His father was faithful to church and served in the U.S. Air Force. As an older teen his father moved their family to Kunsan, South Korea. He would later retire there and serve God at a Servicemen’s Center called The Haven. It was there that God saved him and called me into missions. He gave them a burden for the people of Weagwon, South Korea, and our Men and Women serving at Camp Carroll. (Just starting deputation)

John and Nikki Glenn along with their children, are called by God as missionaries to the military in Vicenza, Italy. John’s heart has always been burdened to reach lost military men and women with the gospel. During our church’s missions’ conference he surrendered to God’s call to minister to U.S. service men and women stationed overseas. God led us to join with Armed Forces Baptist Missions, and we are sent out of Koolau Baptist Church in Kaneohe, Hawaii. We will be going to Vicenza, Italy, the home of the 173rd Airborne and U.S. Headquarters AFRICOM. They consider it a privilege to carry the gospel to our U.S. military, and are looking forward to being a witness of God’s glory in this ripe mission field. (The Glenns are at 70% of their needed support)

Wayne and Terri Keast along with their children are called of God to reach our heroes with PTSD. Wayne is a retired Army Chaplain who worked with soldiers with PTSD while on active duty. While on deputation he has already written PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) related tracks and has distributed them to veteran’s hospitals, veteran’s homes, and on military installations both stateside and internationally. They travel nationwide ministering to those on active duty, those in the reserves, and to veterans and their families. Their objective is to evangelize and disciple military members and their families and to connect them to a local Independent Baptist Church in their area. (The Keasts are at 70% of their needed support)

If you are interested in having any of these families in your church, please contact our home office for their contact information.

We cannot thank you enough for your love and support. Please know we are praying the Lord will bless your faithfulness many times over.

On behalf of our AFBM Family,

Doug Carragher, Th.D.

General Director