June 2022 Armor Bearer

Dear Faithful Prayer Warriors and Supporters,

It is a great joy for the AFBM Missionary Family to serve around the world. Military members and families need God’s truth now more than ever at a time when they are impacted by so many worldly philosophies and policies. We are grateful to have you, our faithful prayer and financial supporters You help us keep laborers on the field, allow us prepare and train new servants, and you help us keep the Home Office open so our ladies can provide essential administrative support to every missionary family. It takes a team effort and we are blessed to have you as an important part of our military outreach team!

In recent months, Kevin and Chuck have been able to visit several Bible colleges to share about AFBM and interact with ministry minded men and women. Visits to Christian colleges and universities remind us of the passion God places in the hearts of His servants as He prepares them for future ministry. It energizes us to talk and pray with them. This spring we met several who are preparing for pastoral or missions ministry and who have a burden for our military It is personal for some of those students because of their years of military service before Bible College. Please join us in praying for God’s clear leading for these young men as they continue their studies and seek future ministry direction

More recently, Good News Baptist Church celebrated 50 years of faithful service and ministry. The Chesapeake area of Virginia has certainly been impacted for the Gospel over the decades, but the church’s impact is truly worldwide. They support dozens of missionaries across the globe with their giving and their prayers. We at AFBM are grateful that God allows us to be a ministry of such a missions minded church.

Summertime opens the door to special ministry opportunities in many churches. In fact, Vacation Bible School often involves investment of time, money and many volunteers for success. Imagine if you serve on a base where no such programs exist for your children. I am grateful our missionaries are aware of this need and reach out to base chaplains to be a help by sponsoring special youth outreach efforts that are Bible and Gospel focused. They and their church offer a needed ministry to those families who would otherwise do without VBS or Bible clubs. Please pray with us that our missionaries will see spiritual fruit in the lives of many young people this summer That includes the Gormans in the new AFBM church plant near the US Air Force Academy outside Colorado Springs. They hold their first ever VBS this week.

We know that deployments mean sacrifice and challenges for our servicemembers and their families. Some of our missionaries personally experienced those during their years in the military and it allows them to be both compassionate and fervent in special efforts to be a blessing. Our missionaries near Fort Hood Texas, Harold and Karin Pierce recently oversaw efforts to send care packages to deployed Fort Hood troops in Europe. Besides including the goodies that every servicemember hopes these boxes contain, each package included a Bible and Gospel resources Pray that God will use His truth to change and encourage hearts and lives.

Thank you for your love your sacrifice and your faithful prayers We give God thanks for you!

On behalf of your AFBM Missionary family, Kevin Brown