March 2022 Armor Bearer

Dear Faithful Prayer Warriors and Supporters,

As we move quickly along in 2022, we are continually reminded of our faithful God and His provision and protection. Our missionaries labor for the Lord around the world and, like you, they find God directing and blessing in their lives and ministries Often ministry is about impacting one life one at a time, and your faithful prayers help our AFBM team to make the most of every divine appointment that God provides.

Join us in rejoicing with Scott and Tammy McCain who recently received their long awaited visas and flew to England just one week ago Scott is now able to fully minister to the congregation of Faith Baptist Church near RAF Lakenheath and Mildenhall. Imagine if for months you could only hear from your pastor through video calls or prerecorded messages but you are now able to see and hear him in person. Their arrival is a wonderful answer to prayer and a special blessing from God! Pray for them as they settle in and as they love and care for that flock.

We also are excited for the open door of opportunity near Kunsan Air Base in South Korea where the Haven Baptist Church is in the process of buying a building for the first time in their 50 year history. Very close to the air base gate and the area where airmen often shop we believe God will use this new location to grow the impact of this faithful church ministry and school. Pray for God to direct in all the steps as they purchase the building and ultimately move to this new location. If God stirs your heart to be a financial blessing to the Haven Baptist Church, please contact the AFBM Home Office and we can share more information with you.

Next month the Gorman Family will hold the first service of Ridgeview Baptist Church located near the US Air Force Academy north of Colorado Springs They have already spent much time preparing for this momentous service and we are excited about what God will do in the weeks and months ahead. Join us in praying for God to add His blessing to all the door knocking and mailings, and the many hours of prayer already undertaken. Shining the light of God’s truth so close to these future leaders of our Air Force is exciting to think about!

It is impossible to be in military ministry and not feel the impact of the tragic war in Ukraine. Likely you have seen the images and prayed much for the Christians there and for the many other innocent victims across that country and for those now displaced in neighboring countries. Our recent travels placed us in several churches that held special times of prayer and took special offerings for those affected We know the power of prayer and of God’s ability to turn the heart of leaders and to bring an end to the bloodshed as He wills. Recent travels for Michelle and me took us to a church near an Army base where some had to say goodbye to friends and loved ones who were being deploy ed as a part of the US response. Please pray for the safety and spiritual care for those deployed and for strength and comfort for the families left here.

Thank you for caring about those who serve in our military. Your awareness and your concern result in faithful prayers that are so needful for our AFBM Missionary family and our Home Office staff. Thank you for your love and your sacrifice. We give God thanks for you.

On behalf of your AFBM Missionary family, Kevin Brown