March 2023 Armor Bearer

Dear Faithful Prayer Warriors and Supporters,

“For I am the LORD, I change not;” Malachi 3:16a. Recently I heard someone comment, “Another new year and more change.” Is that what 2023 seems like for you? Perhaps you are someone who promotes change and looks forward to the excitement and challenge those changes can bring. Or maybe you are better described as a fan of routines who likes the status quo. No matter how you view changes in life, aren’t you grateful that God is always in control? His plans for His children are always best and His presence helps and guides along the away.

Like you, the servants with AFBM must sometimes deal with changes and other times with the status quo. Both can be a blessing. Let me share a few examples.

First, we are encouraged by some new things for 2023.

Already this year four Marines and one Airman have accepted the Gospel message through outreach efforts by an AFBM church ministry near military bases in New Jersey. The Gospel is still the power of God unto salvation!

A pastor and church near Fort Hood Texas are burdened in 2023 for their “Jerusalem” and that church is acting on that concern. One of our missionary families helped organize this effort and assisted their church in delivering 2700 Bibles door-to-door. God’s truth will not return void!

Second, there are some areas where we are asking for God ordained change.

We are asking God for spiritual and numerical growth in our existing ministries. We want to see more people saved and we want to effectively disciple believers so that they might become fervent seed sowers themselves. Pray with us for open doors on military bases and many divine appointments.

We are asking God for more laborers for the military harvest fields. Last month, our AFBM Director of Operations, Brother Chuck Callahan retired from full-time ministry. He and Susan were a help to our missionaries and agency, and we thank God for them. Please join me in praying for God’s replacement in His time. Also, please pray for God’s leading as some AFBM Board Members interview a new missionary family next month. They desire to serve God in military ministry overseas. There is a need and we know God will direct their path.

After all this talk of change, are there any areas where staying the same can be a blessing? Definitely yes!

Please continue your faithful prayer and financial support to AFBM Missionaries and the Home Office. Your personal interest in military ministry translates to action and we thank God for you.

Please pray for continued health and spiritual strength and wisdom for each of our missionaries as they serve faithfully. Pray for fruit that remains as they share truth and hope day after day, month after month, year after year.

No matter what is happening in our lives and ministries, we choose to remind ourselves that God and His truth do not change. That is so reassuring! May God help us all to remain steadfast in our efforts to reach needy people with the Gospel.

One final item for prayerful consideration. Is God stirring your heart or someone you know about being more involved in getting the Gospel to our military servicemembers worldwide? If so, we would love to speak with you.

On behalf of your grateful AFBM Missionary family, Kevin Brown