May 2017 – The Armor Bearer

“And of some have compassion, making a difference:” ~Jude 22

 Thank you for your faithful support and prayers.  The Lord is using them to reach our heroes and their families around the world.  He uses your faithfulness to encourage our missionaries and those to whom they minister.  You are making a difference with your testimonies.

New Missionaries:  We would like to report that the Lord has added a missionary family to our ministry.  We welcome missionaries Scott and Virginia Jenkins.  The Jenkins work with military members and veterans in Ohio.  Next weekend, they and their local church will feed hundreds of drilling reservists and pass out Bibles and tracts.  Join us in praying for this family.

Also, we are thankful to share reports from two missionary families who are about to finish their deputation.  If you have missionary support available, I highly recommend these families for your consideration.  They will be a blessing to your church.  Here are recent updates these families shared:

Missionary Updates: 

1. From missionaries Jon and Elizabeth Schrock with their dear seven children: “My dear wife, family and I have an unswerving desire to continue to reach Military Heroes and their families.  As we see the continued use and demand placed on our Military, now would be the time to add your support to our ministry.  Fairchild AFB, the fertile mission field God has called us to, is a vital piece of the training process for all of our Nation’s Heroes that serve by flying in the Air Force.   Spokane WA, Fairchild’s hometown, has a great spiritual need as 63% of the population state they believe there is no God. Many have partnered with us and we are praising the Lord for over 70% of our support being pledged.  Your partnership will help push us over the top and will allow you to reap much fruit for the glory of God.  How shall they hear without a Preacher? Feel free to call anytime at (704) 974-2577.”

2. From Missionaries Drew and Lela Mahaney along with their dear three sons: “God has called us to reach our military heroes at Camp Carroll in Waegwon, South Korea. We have been on full-time Deputation since May 15th, 2015 and are preparing to leave for Korea this September. God has provided 75% of our needed support. Please consider joining with us to reach our military heroes and Korean nationals before it is too late. How shall they hear without a preacher? I can be reached anytime at (817) 301-8398.”

PTSD Update:  Our PTSD ministry is beginning our third cycle of PTSD training.  We have found that people can hop into any cycle and benefit greatly form the training.  We stand amazed at the number of churches now facilitating groups and helping people one-on-one.  Recently, a new buzz name came out of the V.A., which is “Moral Injury”.   “Moral injury is a construct that describes extreme and unprecedented life experience including the harmful aftermath of exposure to such events. Events are considered morally injurious if they “transgress deeply held moral beliefs and expectations.”  You can read more about Moral Injury at the following site:  Perhaps the greatest hardship is the self-handicapping and allowing the devil dominion over their lives.  The Lord has an answer for every characteristic.  Please pray for us this year as we share the Biblical answers to all these characteristics at PTSD Camps/Workshops around the country.

Thank you again for your support and prayers!  On behalf of our AFBM Family,

Doug Carragher, Th.D., General Director, Armed Forces Baptist Missions