May 2019 – The Armor Bearer

Dear Faithful Supporters,

“The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?” ~Proverbs 18:14

 I want to use this edition of Armor Bearer to focus on our Wounded Spirit’s Ministry. Wounded Spirits is a robust pillar of AFBM outreach. The ministry focuses on those with PTSD and the answers the Bible gives to help them.  Over the past several years, we have witnessed over 3,000 saved and more than a couple hundred healed from their suicidal thoughts. Local church groups are popping up around America and offering biblical care to our hurting citizens. We see veterans, first responders, those who have been molested/abused, and those who have suffered from other traumatic experiences. It’s so awesome to watch the Lord help people.

Every year, AFBM Missionaries will hold more than 50 workshops and camps and provide introduction training at churches around the country.  We have now trained several state police forces, soldiers, sailors and marines. We are now being requested at shelters and hospitals, and I am preparing to lecture at a major state university in the fall. This past week, the Lord allowed us to hold our fifth annual training at Camp Joy, WI. The camp had a high number of missionaries who had experienced great trauma while serving the Lord. The missionaries at camp had suffered from kidnapping, molestation, witnessing murder, being shot and physical attacks from those they sought to help. They found help speaking and studying as a group. One missionary recommended that every mission’s organization have a PTSD Crisis response team. They said that they availability of such a resource could have helped them begin healing years ago. We were moved by their input and plan to contact missions groups and offer training.

Below, I want to share the testimonies of a mission agency’s director and a missionary:

“Every person who knows trauma does not deserve to suffer without a remedy. The pain of guilt, shame, and regret do not have to leave a spirit wounded without a remedy. The scars of the past do not have to be the final statement of trauma. A trauma survivor does not have to look at their wounds and say, ‘This is where someone hurt me.’ A trauma survivor must know their wounds can be the place where they can learn to say, ‘This wound is where God began to heal me.’”

The Wounded Spirit’s retreat in May 2019, at Camp Joy, Wisconsin, demonstrated the words of the prophet Jeremiah. We learned God provides to wounded spirits a balm to begin the healing process. A trauma survivor does not have to live with wounds without a remedy. During the retreat, heart-felt tears were shed, wounded spirits found hope, and broken hearts were exchanged for mended ones. The retreat was profoundly spiritual, overwhelmingly helpful, and positively life changing. The teaching sessions were practical. The evening sessions were full of hopeful tears and healing. The fellowship during the retreat created bonds to last a lifetime.

When I reflect on the memories of the week, the memories lift my spirit and make me glad I can participate.”  ~Missions Director

“My life feels whole again. I still have the scars, but the brokenness is now beginning to heal. I had no idea there was help for our spirits. Please, if you know anyone suffering from this type of agony, contact Wounded Spirits.” ~Abused Missionary

We are so thankful for your support and prayers! On behalf or our AFBM Family, we are honored to serve you,

Doug Carragher