September 2016 – The Armor Bearer

“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.” ~Hebrews 13:8

We would like to start by thanking you for your prayers and support.  The Lord has used your faithful support to reach many of our heroes over the past year and lay up treasures for you in Heaven.

In August, we held our 52nd annual Family Week/Candidate School.  We could not help but remember the Lord is the same today as He was during our first meeting.  We are so thankful we serve a never changing God.

During our training we covered the following topics with our missionaries:

  • The Preacher’s Family
  • The Bible on Music
  • Ministry Taxes
  • The Biblical Marriage
  • The Biblical Helpmeet
  • The Biblical Husband
  • The Biblical MK/PK
  • Local Church Support Ministries
  • The Biblical Mother
  • Maintaining Health in an Unhealthy world
  • Church Planting 101/201
  • Local Church Support Ministry 101
  • Developing Sermons/Presentations
  • Deputation 101/201

We were honored to have 21 of our missionary families in attendance representing 16 bases and 4 VA hospitals in 3 countries.

Four new missionary families were certified for deputation and pinned as AFBM missionaries.


Immediately to the right is a picture of one of our new families, Dan and Kelly Kursinsky, with Pastor Ascher during their pinning ceremony. The Kursinskys are working with our heroes at the Infantry Training Center at Fort Benning GA.

Our top picture is our AFBM Family at camp minus a handful of kids in preaching time.  We require new missionaries, as well as stateside missionaries who have not attended in the previous three years and any missionaries on furlough, to attend our annual camp.

We pinned three more families:

  • The Jones family to Fort Gordon, GA
  • The Phelps to our heroes with PTSD
  • The Soles to Fort Hood, TX

Thank you again for your prayers and support. You honor us as we serve together to reach our heroes with the Gospel of Christ.

On behalf of our AFBM Family,

Doug Carragher