September 2022 Armor Bearer

Dear Faithful Prayer Warriors and Supporters,

As you reflect on the summer months, we at AFBM hope you can see God’s hand at work. At our ministries
around the globe, we are grateful for every opportunity we have had to share the Gospel; every opportunity to
disciple and encourage a new believer or family; and every opportunity to be an Ambassador of the King of
Kings! As a supporter of AFBM, you have fruit abounding to your account because of faithful outreach efforts
over the past few months. Our missionaries have fruit for their labors because people like you are praying
faithfully for God to bless and empower their ministry efforts. Together we can be a God glorifying team!

Our missionaries faithfully labor in their fields of service month after month, and year after year. I am so grateful
for them. I on the other hand, live a more nomadic ministry lifestyle. In my capacity as the AFBM General
Director, I spend most of my time traveling to our missionaries, to Bible colleges. and to churches. My goal is
to assist and to encourage. Often during church visits, I am asked insightful questions about AFBM and our
ministry efforts. I am always grateful for those times. They remind me how eager God’s people are to understand
the spiritual needs of our men and women in uniform and how we try to reach and help them. I am often asked
about the challenges of reaching people on military bases and working with the Chaplains there. For such
challenges, we need God’s enablement and your prayers. To help you, I want to offer some ideas about how
you can pray for your AFBM laborers. I encourage you to begin by going to the missionary tab on the AFBM
web site and scrolling through the missionaries ( As you do so, please
pray for each missionary and ministry with some of the following needs in mind:

– Pray for spiritual strength (Eph 3:16) and for strong marriages and families. Strength in the inner man and at
home allows for strong ministry elsewhere.

– Pray for ministries. Pray for unity based upon God’s Word (Eph 4:3-6). Pray for base access (1 Cor 16:9). Call
out the military base or ministry by name. Ask for good favor with chaplains and other leaders and for regular
opportunities to share and teach God’s Word on the base.

– Pray for steadfastness (1 Cor 15: 58). Few ministries undergo the change that seems continual in military
ministry. Ask God to give them strength to begin anew every time they must say farewell to faithful servants.

Let me close by sharing about the AFBM highlight event of the year, Family Week. In early August several
missionary families and board members gathered as we feasted upon God’s Word together. As we focused on
having a God honoring vision in ministry, our hearts were challenged to do even more for our great God! We
were blessed to hear testimonies from each of our missionaries and all were tremendous reminders of God’s
goodness to us. Once again Good News Baptist Church expressed their love for AFBM missionaries as they
rolled out the red carpet for us. We finished those days together refreshed and spiritually encouraged.

Thank you for your love, your sacrifice, and your faithful prayers. God moves as you pray!

On behalf of your AFBM Missionary family, Kevin Brown